Download the latest release of mCRL2

The mCRL2 toolkit can be run on a number of different platforms. For some platforms, precompiled binaries are available. The table below provides the latest release of the toolset.

Download a nightly build of mCRL2

Directly installable packages of the mCRL2 toolset are constructed every night. They are available here.

Operating system Nightly build (201707.1.15027)
Windows Windows Installer (64-bit)
Windows ZIP (64-bit)
Mac OS X (Darwin) Mac OS X (64-bit)
Ubuntu Ubuntu DEB (32-bit)
Ubuntu DEB (64-bit)
Fedora Fedora RPM (64-bit)
Source GZipped Tarball

If you are using a Linux distribution that is not listed, you may wish to try compiling mCRL2 yourself.

Previous releases

Earlier versions of mCRL2 are listed in the Previous releases of mCRL2 section.

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