Include file:

#include "mcrl2/atermpp/aterm_io_binary.h
class atermpp::binary_aterm_istream

Reads terms from a stream in the steamable binary aterm format.

Private attributes

unsigned int atermpp::binary_aterm_istream::m_function_symbol_index_width

caches the result of function_symbol_index_width().

std::deque<function_symbol> atermpp::binary_aterm_istream::m_function_symbols

An index of read function symbols.

mcrl2::utilities::ibitstream atermpp::binary_aterm_istream::m_stream
unsigned int atermpp::binary_aterm_istream::m_term_index_width

caches the result of term_index_width().

std::deque<aterm> atermpp::binary_aterm_istream::m_terms

An index of read terms.

Public member functions

binary_aterm_istream(std::istream &is)

Provide the input stream from which terms are read.

aterm get() override

Reads an aterm from this stream.

Private member functions

unsigned int function_symbol_index_width()

Returns: The number of bits needed to index function symbols.

unsigned int term_index_width()

Returns: The number of bits needed to index terms.