Include file:

#include "mcrl2/atermpp/aterm_balanced_tree.h
class atermpp::term_balanced_tree::iterator

Private types

type Tree

typedef for term_balanced_tree< Term >


friend class boost::iterator_core_access

Private static attributes

constexpr std::size_t maximal_size_of_stack

Private attributes

unprotected_aterm m_stack
std::size_t m_top_of_stack

Private member functions

const Term &dereference() const

Dereference operator.

Returns: The value that the iterator references

bool equal(const iterator &other) const

Equality operator.

void increment()

Increments the iterator.

void initialise(const term_balanced_tree<Term> &tree)

Public member functions

iterator(const term_balanced_tree<Term> &tree)
iterator(const iterator &other)