mcrl2::data::mutable_substitution_composer< mutable_map_substitution< AssociativeContainer > >

Include file:

#include "mcrl2/data/substitutions/mutable_substitution_composer.h
class mcrl2::data::mutable_substitution_composer<mutable_map_substitution<AssociativeContainer>>

Specialization for mutable_map_substitution.

Public types

type assignment

typedef for substitution_type::assignment

Wrapper class for internal storage and substitution updates using operator().

type expression_type

typedef for substitution_type::expression_type

type used to represent expressions.

type substitution_type

typedef for mutable_map_substitution< AssociativeContainer >

The type of the wrapped substitution.

type variable_type

typedef for substitution_type::variable_type

type used to represent variables.

Protected attributes

substitution_type &g_

object on which substitution manipulations are performed.

Public member functions

mutable_substitution_composer(mutable_map_substitution<AssociativeContainer> &g)

Constructor with mutable substitution object.


  • g underlying substitution object.
const expression_type operator()(variable_type const &v) const

Apply on single single variable expression.


  • v the variable for which to give the associated expression.

Returns: expression equivalent to s(e), or a reference to such an expression.

expression_type operator()(const Expression&) const
assignment operator[](variable_type const &v)
const substitution_type &substitution() const

Returns the wrapped substitution.

Returns: The wrapped substitution