Include file:

#include "mcrl2/lps/multi_action.h
class mcrl2::lps::multi_action

brief A timed multi-action

Public member functions

const process::action_list &actions() const
bool has_time() const

Returns true if time is available.

Returns: True if time is available.

multi_action(const atermpp::aterm &term)



  • term A term
multi_action(const multi_action&) noexcept = default

Move semantics.

multi_action(const process::action &l)


multi_action(const process::action_list &actions = process::action_list(), data::data_expression time = data::undefined_real())


multi_action(multi_action&&) noexcept = default
multi_action operator+(const multi_action &other) const

Joins the actions of both multi actions.

Pre: The time of both multi actions must be equal.

multi_action &operator=(const multi_action&) noexcept = default
multi_action &operator=(multi_action&&) noexcept = default
multi_action sort_actions() const

Returns the multiaction in which the list of actions is sorted.

Returns: A multi-action with a sorted list.

const data::data_expression &time() const