Include file:

#include "mcrl2/lts/lts_lts.h
class mcrl2::lts::detail::lts_lts_base

a base class for lts_lts_t and probabilistic_lts_t.

Protected attributes

process::action_label_list mcrl2::lts::detail::lts_lts_base::m_action_decls
data::data_specification mcrl2::lts::detail::lts_lts_base::m_data_spec
data::variable_list mcrl2::lts::detail::lts_lts_base::m_parameters

Public member functions

const process::action_label_list &action_label_declarations() const

Return action label declarations stored in this LTS.

const data::data_specification &data() const

Returns the mCRL2 data specification of this LTS.


Default constructor.

bool operator==(const lts_lts_base &other) const

Standard equality function;.

const data::variable &process_parameter(std::size_t i) const

Returns the i-th parameter of the state vectors stored in this LTS.

Returns: The state parameters stored in this LTS.

const data::variable_list &process_parameters() const

Return the process parameters stored in this LTS.

void set_action_label_declarations(const process::action_label_list &decls)

Set the action label information for this LTS.


  • decls The action labels to be set in this lts.
void set_data(const data::data_specification &spec)

Set the mCRL2 data specification of this LTS.


  • spec The mCRL2 data specification for this LTS.
void set_process_parameters(const data::variable_list &params)

Set the state parameters for this LTS.


  • params The state parameters for this lts.
void swap(lts_lts_base &l)

Public static member functions

static lts_type type()

Yields the type of this lts, in this case lts_lts.