Include file:

#include "mcrl2/lts/transition.h
class mcrl2::lts::transition

A class containing triples, source label and target representing transitions.

A transition consists of three indices, indicated by transition::size_type that refer to a source, label and target.

Public types

type mcrl2::lts::transition::size_type

typedef for std::size_t

The type of the elements in a transition.

Private attributes

size_type mcrl2::lts::transition::m_from
size_type mcrl2::lts::transition::m_label
size_type mcrl2::lts::transition::m_to

Public member functions

size_type from() const

The source of the transition.

size_type label() const

The label of the transition.

bool operator!=(const transition &t) const

Standard inequality on transitions.

bool operator<(const transition &t) const

Standard lexicographic ordering on transitions.

The ordering is lexicographic from left to right. First t.from are compared, then the label, and if these do not determine the ordering, to is investigated.

transition &operator=(const transition &t) = default


transition &operator=(transition &&t) = default

Move assignment.

bool operator==(const transition &t) const

Standard equality on transitions.

void set_from(const size_type from)

Set the source of the transition.

void set_label(const size_type label)

Set the label of the transition.

void set_to(const size_type to)

Set the target of the transition.

size_type to() const

The target of the transition.

transition() = delete
transition(const std::size_t f, const std::size_t l, const std::size_t t)

Constructor (there is no default constructor).

transition(const transition &t) = default

Copy constructor.

transition(transition &&t) = default

Move constructor.