Include file:

#include "mcrl2/lts/lts.h"

The file containing the core class for transition systems.

This is the LTS library’s main header file. It declares all publicly accessible data structures that form the interface of the library. Muck van Weerdenburg, Jan Friso Groote


action_label_lts mcrl2::lts::parse_lts_action(const std::string &multi_action_string, const data::data_specification &data_spec, lps::multi_action_type_checker &typechecker)

Parse a string into an action label.

The string is typechecked against the data specification and list of declared actions. If parsing or type checking fails, an mcrl2::runtime_error is thrown.


  • multi_action_string The string to be parsed.

  • data_spec The data specification used for parsing.

  • act_decls Action declarations.

Returns: The parsed and type checked multi action.

std::string mcrl2::lts::pp(const state_label_lts &label)

Pretty print a state value of this LTS.

The label is printed as (t1,…,tn) if it consists of a single label. Otherwise the labels are printed with square brackets surrounding it.


  • label The state value to pretty print.

Returns: The pretty-printed representation of value.

std::string mcrl2::lts::pp(const action_label_lts &l)

Print the action label to string.