Include file:

#include "mcrl2/lts/lts_lts.h"

This file contains a class that contains labelled transition systems in lts (mcrl2) format.

A labelled transition system in lts/mcrl2 format is a transition system with as state labels vectors of strings, and as transition labels strings. Jan Friso Groote


action_label_lts mcrl2::lts::parse_lts_action(const std::string &multi_action_string, const data::data_specification &data_spec, lps::multi_action_type_checker &typechecker)

Parse a string into an action label.

The string is typechecked against the data specification and list of declared actions. If parsing or type checking fails, an mcrl2::runtime_error is thrown.


  • multi_action_string The string to be parsed.
  • data_spec The data specification used for parsing.
  • act_decls Action declarations.

Returns: The parsed and type checked multi action.

std::string mcrl2::lts::pp(const action_label_lts &l)

Print the action label to string.

std::string mcrl2::lts::pp(const state_label_lts &label)

Pretty print a state value of this LTS.

The label is printed as (t1,…,tn) if it consists of a single label. Otherwise the labels are printed with square brackets surrounding it.


  • label The state value to pretty print.

Returns: The pretty-printed representation of value.