Include file:

#include "mcrl2/lts/lts_type.h"

The file containing the types of labelled transition systems.

Muck van Weerdenburg, Jan Friso Groote

Enumerated types

type mcrl2::lts::lts_type


  • lts_none unknown or no format

  • lts_lts mCRL2 SVC format

  • lts_aut Aldbaran format (CADP)

  • lts_fsm FSM format

  • lts_dot GraphViz format

  • lts_type_min

  • lts_type_max

The enumerated type lts_type contains an index for every type type of labelled transition system that is supported by the system.

Every type has an associated labelled transition format. E.g. for lts_lts the type of the lts is lts_lts_t. Similarly, lts_aut_t, etc. are available. Files in which the lts’s are stored have the name file.lts, file.aut, etc.