Include file:

#include "mcrl2/modal_formula/resolve_name_clashes.h
class mcrl2::state_formulas::detail::state_formula_name_clash_resolver

Public types

type name_map

typedef for std::map< core::identifier_string, std::vector< core::identifier_string > >

type super

typedef for state_formulas::state_formula_builder< Derived >

Public attributes

utilities::number_postfix_generator m_generator

Generator for fresh variable names.

name_map m_names

The stack of names.

Public member functions

state_formula apply(const mu &x)
state_formula apply(const nu &x)
void enter(const mu &x)
void enter(const nu &x)
void leave(const mu &x)
void leave(const nu &x)
state_formula operator()(const variable &x)
void pop(const core::identifier_string &name)

Pops the name of the stack.

void push(const core::identifier_string &name)

Pushes name on the stack.