Include file:

#include "mcrl2/pbes/gauss_elimination.h
class mcrl2::pbes_system::gauss_elimination_algorithm

Algorithm class for the Gauss elimination algorithm for solving systems of (P)BES equations.

Public types

type mcrl2::pbes_system::gauss_elimination_algorithm::equation_type

typedef for ExpressionTraits::equation_type

type mcrl2::pbes_system::gauss_elimination_algorithm::expression_type

typedef for ExpressionTraits::expression_type

type mcrl2::pbes_system::gauss_elimination_algorithm::variable_type

typedef for ExpressionTraits::variable_type

Protected member functions

std::string print_equation(const equation_type &eq) const
std::string print_equations(Iter first, Iter last) const

Public member functions

void run(Iter first, Iter last, FixpointEquationSolver solve)

Runs the algorithm. Applies Gauss elimination to the sequence of pbes equations [first, last).


  • first Start of a range of pbes equations
  • last End of a range of pbes equations
  • solve An equation solver