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#include "mcrl2/pbes/pbes_rewriter_type.h"

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Enumerated types

type mcrl2::pbes_system::pbes_rewriter_type


  • simplify
  • quantifier_all
  • quantifier_finite
  • quantifier_inside
  • quantifier_one_point
  • prover
  • pfnf
  • ppg
  • bqnf_quantifier

An enumerated type for the available pbes rewriters.


std::string mcrl2::pbes_system::description(const pbes_rewriter_type type)

Returns a description of a pbes rewriter.

std::ostream &mcrl2::pbes_system::operator<<(std::ostream &os, const pbes_rewriter_type t)
std::istream &mcrl2::pbes_system::operator>>(std::istream &is, pbes_rewriter_type &t)

Stream operator for rewriter type.


  • is An input stream
  • t A rewriter type

Returns: The input stream

pbes_rewriter_type mcrl2::pbes_system::parse_pbes_rewriter_type(const std::string &type)

Parses a pbes rewriter type.

std::string mcrl2::pbes_system::print_pbes_rewriter_type(const pbes_rewriter_type type)

Prints a pbes rewriter type.