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#include "mcrl2/process/process_specification.h"

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void complete_data_specification(process_specification &spec)

Adds all sorts that appear in the process specification spec to the data specification of spec.


  • spec A process specification
std::set<core::identifier_string> find_identifiers(const process::process_specification &x)
std::set<data::sort_expression> find_sort_expressions(const process::process_specification &x)
bool mcrl2::process::is_process_specification(const atermpp::aterm_appl &x)

Test for a process specification expression.


  • x A term

Returns: True if x is a process specification expression

void normalize_sorts(process_specification &x, const data::sort_specification &sortspec)
bool mcrl2::process::operator!=(const process_specification &spec1, const process_specification &spec2)

Inequality operator.

std::ostream &mcrl2::process::operator<<(std::ostream &out, const process_specification &x)

Outputs the object to a stream.


  • out An output stream
  • x Object x

Returns: The output stream

bool mcrl2::process::operator==(const process_specification &spec1, const process_specification &spec2)

Equality operator.

std::string pp(const process_specification &x)
atermpp::aterm_appl process_specification_to_aterm(const process_specification &spec)

Conversion to aterm_appl.

Returns: The specification converted to aterm format.


  • spec A process specification
void translate_user_notation(process::process_specification &x)