Include file:

#include "mcrl2/utilities/unordered_map.h
class mcrl2::utilities::unordered_map

A class for a map of keys to values in T based using the simple hash table set implementation.

Private types

type Pair

typedef for std::pair< Key, T >

type PairAllocator

typedef for typename Allocator::template rebind< Pair >::other

type Set

typedef for unordered_set< Pair, PairHash, PairEquals, PairAllocator, ThreadSafe >

Public types

type const_iterator

typedef for typename Set::const_iterator

type iterator

typedef for typename Set::iterator

Private attributes

Set m_set

The underlying set storing <key, value> pairs.

Public member functions

const T &at(const Key &key) const

Provides access to the value associated with the given key.

iterator begin()
const_iterator begin() const
std::size_t capacity()
void clear()
std::size_t count(const Key &key) const
std::pair<iterator, bool> emplace(Args&&... args)
iterator end()
const_iterator end() const
void erase(const Key &key)
iterator erase(iterator it)
iterator find(const Args&... args)
const_iterator find(const Args&... args) const
std::pair<iterator, bool> insert(const Pair &pair)
T &operator[](const Key &key)

Provides access to the value associated with the given key, constructs a default value whenever the key was undefined.

std::size_t size() const
unordered_map(std::size_t initial_size)

Constructs an unordered_map that can store initial_size number of elements before resizing.