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action_rename.h File Reference

Action rename specifications. More...

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class  mcrl2::lps::action_rename_rule
 Action rename rule. More...
class  mcrl2::lps::action_rename_specification
 Read-only singly linked list of action rename rules. More...


namespace  mcrl2
 A class that takes a linear process specification and checks all tau-summands of that LPS for confluence.
namespace  mcrl2::lps
 The main namespace for the LPS library.
namespace  mcrl2::lps::detail
namespace  std
 STL namespace.


atermpp::aterm mcrl2::lps::action_rename_rule_to_aterm (const action_rename_rule &rule)
atermpp::aterm mcrl2::lps::action_rename_specification_to_aterm (const action_rename_specification &spec)
lps::stochastic_specification mcrl2::lps::action_rename (const action_rename_specification &action_rename_spec, const lps::stochastic_specification &lps_old_spec, const data::rewriter &rewr, const bool enable_rewriting)
 Rename the actions in a linear specification using a given action_rename_spec.
process::action_label mcrl2::lps::detail::rename_action_label (const process::action_label &act, const std::regex &matching_regex, const std::string &replacing_fmt)
stochastic_specification mcrl2::lps::action_rename (const std::regex &matching_regex, const std::string &replacing_fmt, const stochastic_specification &lps_old_spec)
 Rename actions in given specification based on a regular expression and a string that specifies how the replacement should be formatted.
std::ostream & std::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const mcrl2::lps::action_rename_rule &r)
 Output an action_rename_rule to ostream.
std::ostream & std::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const mcrl2::lps::action_rename_specification &s)
 Output a action_rename_rule to ostream.

Detailed Description

Action rename specifications.

Definition in file action_rename.h.