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algorithm_impl.h File Reference

Implementations of algorithms. More...

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struct  atermpp::detail::iterator_value< Iterator >
struct  atermpp::detail::iterator_value< std::insert_iterator< Container > >
struct  atermpp::detail::iterator_value< std::back_insert_iterator< Container > >
struct  atermpp::detail::iterator_value< std::front_insert_iterator< Container > >
struct  atermpp::detail::found_term_exception


namespace  atermpp
 The main namespace for the aterm++ library.
namespace  atermpp::detail


template<typename Function >
aterm atermpp::detail::appl_apply (const aterm &a, const Function f)
 Applies the function f to all children of a.
template<typename UnaryFunction >
UnaryFunction atermpp::detail::for_each_impl (aterm t, UnaryFunction op)
 Implements the for_each algorithm.
template<typename MatchPredicate >
bool atermpp::detail::find_if_impl (const aterm &t, MatchPredicate match, aterm &output)
 Implements the find_if algorithm If the term t is found, it is stored in output and true is returned.
template<typename MatchPredicate , typename OutputIterator >
void atermpp::detail::find_all_if_impl (const aterm &t, MatchPredicate op, OutputIterator &destBegin)
 Implements the find_all_if algorithm.
template<typename MatchPredicate , typename StopPredicate >
aterm atermpp::detail::partial_find_if_impl (const aterm &t, MatchPredicate match, StopPredicate stop)
 Implements the partial_find_if_impl algorithm.
template<typename MatchPredicate , typename StopPredicate , typename OutputIterator >
void atermpp::detail::partial_find_all_if_impl (const aterm &t, MatchPredicate match, StopPredicate stop, OutputIterator &destBegin)
 Implements the partial_find_all_if algorithm.

Detailed Description

Implementations of algorithms.

Definition in file algorithm_impl.h.