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aterm_pool_storage_implementation.h File Reference

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namespace  atermpp
 The main namespace for the aterm++ library.
namespace  atermpp::detail


#define ATERM_POOL_STORAGE_TEMPLATES   template<typename Element, typename Hash, typename Equals, std::size_t N>
#define ATERM_POOL_STORAGE   aterm_pool_storage<Element, Hash, Equals, N>


template<std::size_t N, typename InputIterator , typename TermConverter , typename std::enable_if< mcrl2::utilities::is_iterator< InputIterator >::value, void >::type * = nullptr, typename std::enable_if< std::is_convertible< typename std::invoke_result< TermConverter, typename InputIterator::value_type >::type, aterm >::value, void >::type * = nullptr>
std::array< unprotected_aterm_core, N > atermpp::detail::construct_arguments (InputIterator it, InputIterator end, TermConverter converter)
 Construct the proxy where its arguments are given by applying the converter to each element in the iterator.
void atermpp::detail::mark_term (const _aterm &root, std::stack< std::reference_wrapper< _aterm > > &todo)
 Marks a term and recursively all arguments that are not reachable.
template<std::size_t N>
void atermpp::detail::store_in_argument_array_ (std::size_t, std::array< unprotected_aterm_core, N > &)
template<std::size_t N, class FUNCTION_OR_TERM_TYPE , typename... Args>
void atermpp::detail::store_in_argument_array_ (std::size_t i, std::array< unprotected_aterm_core, N > &argument_array, FUNCTION_OR_TERM_TYPE &function_or_term, const Args &... args)
template<std::size_t N, typename... Args>
void atermpp::detail::store_in_argument_array (std::array< unprotected_aterm_core, N > &argument_array, const Args &... args)

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#define ATERM_POOL_STORAGE   aterm_pool_storage<Element, Hash, Equals, N>

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#define ATERM_POOL_STORAGE_TEMPLATES   template<typename Element, typename Hash, typename Equals, std::size_t N>

Definition at line 121 of file aterm_pool_storage_implementation.h.