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mcrl2::lps::linear_process Class Reference

linear process. More...

#include <linear_process.h>

Inheritance diagram for mcrl2::lps::linear_process:
mcrl2::lps::linear_process_base< action_summand >

Public Member Functions

 linear_process ()=default
 linear_process (const data::variable_list &process_parameters, const deadlock_summand_vector &deadlock_summands, const action_summand_vector &action_summands)
 linear_process (const atermpp::aterm_appl &lps, bool=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mcrl2::lps::linear_process_base< action_summand >
 linear_process_base ()=default
 linear_process_base (const data::variable_list &process_parameters, const deadlock_summand_vector &deadlock_summands, const std::vector< action_summand > &action_summands)
 linear_process_base (const atermpp::aterm_appl &lps, bool stochastic_distributions_allowed=true)
std::size_t summand_count () const
 Returns the number of LPS summands.
const std::vector< action_summand > & action_summands () const
 Returns the sequence of action summands.
std::vector< action_summand > & action_summands ()
 Returns the sequence of action summands.
const deadlock_summand_vectordeadlock_summands () const
 Returns the sequence of deadlock summands.
deadlock_summand_vectordeadlock_summands ()
 Returns the sequence of deadlock summands.
const data::variable_listprocess_parameters () const
 Returns the sequence of process parameters.
data::variable_listprocess_parameters ()
 Returns the sequence of process parameters.
bool has_time () const
 Returns true if time is available in at least one of the summands.

Private Types

typedef linear_process_base< action_summandsuper

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mcrl2::lps::linear_process_base< action_summand >
typedef action_summand action_summand_type
 The action summand type.
- Protected Attributes inherited from mcrl2::lps::linear_process_base< action_summand >
data::variable_list m_process_parameters
 The process parameters of the process.
deadlock_summand_vector m_deadlock_summands
 The deadlock summands of the process.
std::vector< action_summandm_action_summands
 The action summands of the process.

Detailed Description

linear process.

Definition at line 201 of file linear_process.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ super

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ linear_process() [1/3]

mcrl2::lps::linear_process::linear_process ( )


◆ linear_process() [2/3]

mcrl2::lps::linear_process::linear_process ( const data::variable_list process_parameters,
const deadlock_summand_vector deadlock_summands,
const action_summand_vector action_summands 


Definition at line 210 of file linear_process.h.

◆ linear_process() [3/3]

mcrl2::lps::linear_process::linear_process ( const atermpp::aterm_appl lps,
bool  = false 


lpsA term

Definition at line 219 of file linear_process.h.

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