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mcrl2::lts::detail::bisim_gjkw::B_to_C_descriptor Class Reference

#include <liblts_bisim_gjkw.h>

Public Member Functions

 B_to_C_descriptor (B_to_C_iter_t begin_, B_to_C_iter_t end_)
const block_tfrom_block () const
 compute the source block of the transitions in this slice
block_tfrom_block ()
const constln_tto_constln () const
 compute the goal constellation of the transitions in this slice
constln_tto_constln ()
bool needs_postprocessing () const
 returns true iff the slice is marked for postprocessing
std::string debug_id () const
 print a B_to_C slice identification for debugging
bool add_work_to_bottom_transns (enum check_complexity::counter_type ctr, unsigned max_value)

Public Attributes

B_to_C_iter_t end
B_to_C_iter_t begin
check_complexity::B_to_C_counter_t work_counter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1333 of file liblts_bisim_gjkw.h.

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