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mcrl2::lts::lts_default_base Class Reference

#include <lts.h>

Inheritance diagram for mcrl2::lts::lts_default_base:
mcrl2::lts::lts< STATE_LABEL_T, ACTION_LABEL_T, LTS_BASE > mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts< state_label_empty, action_label_string, mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_state< std::size_t, mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_arbitrary_precision_fraction >, detail::lts_aut_base > mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts< state_label_dot, action_label_string, probabilistic_state< std::size_t, mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_arbitrary_precision_fraction >, detail::lts_dot_base > mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts< state_label_fsm, action_label_string, probabilistic_state< std::size_t, probabilistic_arbitrary_precision_fraction >, detail::lts_fsm_base > mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts< state_label_lts, action_label_lts, probabilistic_state< std::size_t, lps::probabilistic_data_expression >, detail::lts_lts_base > mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts_aut_t mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts_dot_t mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts_fsm_t mcrl2::lts::probabilistic_lts_lts_t

Public Member Functions

lts_type type ()
 Provides the type of this lts, in casu lts_none.

void swap (lts_default_base &)
 Standard swap function.
bool operator== (const lts_default_base &) const
 Standard equality function.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file lts.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator==()

bool mcrl2::lts::lts_default_base::operator== ( const lts_default_base ) const

Standard equality function.

[in]otherValue to compare with.

Definition at line 60 of file lts.h.

◆ swap()

void mcrl2::lts::lts_default_base::swap ( lts_default_base )

Standard swap function.

Definition at line 53 of file lts.h.

◆ type()

lts_type mcrl2::lts::lts_default_base::type ( )

Provides the type of this lts, in casu lts_none.

Definition at line 47 of file lts.h.

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