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mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder Class Reference

#include <lts_builder.h>

Inheritance diagram for mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder:

Public Member Functions

 lts_lts_disk_builder (const std::string &filename, const data::data_specification &dataspec, const process::action_label_list &action_labels, const data::variable_list &process_parameters, bool discard_state_labels=false)
void add_transition (std::size_t from, const lps::multi_action &a, std::size_t to, const std::size_t number_of_threads) override
void finalize (const indexed_set_for_states_type &state_map, bool timed) override
void save (const std::string &) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from mcrl2::lts::lts_builder
 lts_builder ()
std::size_t add_action (const lps::multi_action &a)
virtual void add_transition (std::size_t from, const lps::multi_action &a, std::size_t to, const std::size_t number_of_threads=0)=0
virtual void finalize (const indexed_set_for_states_type &state_map, bool timed)=0
virtual void save (const std::string &filename)=0
virtual ~lts_builder ()=default

Protected Attributes

std::fstream fstream
std::unique_ptr< atermpp::binary_aterm_ostreamstream
bool m_discard_state_labels = false
std::mutex m_exclusive_transition_access

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mcrl2::lts::lts_builder
typedef atermpp::indexed_set< lps::state, mcrl2::utilities::detail::GlobalThreadSafeindexed_set_for_states_type
- Public Attributes inherited from mcrl2::lts::lts_builder
utilities::unordered_map_large< lps::multi_action, std::size_t > m_actions

Detailed Description

Definition at line 229 of file lts_builder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ lts_lts_disk_builder()

mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::lts_lts_disk_builder ( const std::string &  filename,
const data::data_specification dataspec,
const process::action_label_list action_labels,
const data::variable_list process_parameters,
bool  discard_state_labels = false 

Definition at line 238 of file lts_builder.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_transition()

void mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::add_transition ( std::size_t  from,
const lps::multi_action a,
std::size_t  to,
const std::size_t  number_of_threads 

Implements mcrl2::lts::lts_builder.

Definition at line 263 of file lts_builder.h.

◆ finalize()

void mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::finalize ( const indexed_set_for_states_type state_map,
bool  timed 

Implements mcrl2::lts::lts_builder.

Definition at line 271 of file lts_builder.h.

◆ save()

void mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::save ( const std::string &  )

Implements mcrl2::lts::lts_builder.

Definition at line 296 of file lts_builder.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fstream

std::fstream mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::fstream

Definition at line 232 of file lts_builder.h.

◆ m_discard_state_labels

bool mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::m_discard_state_labels = false

Definition at line 234 of file lts_builder.h.

◆ m_exclusive_transition_access

std::mutex mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::m_exclusive_transition_access

Definition at line 235 of file lts_builder.h.

◆ stream

std::unique_ptr<atermpp::binary_aterm_ostream> mcrl2::lts::lts_lts_disk_builder::stream

Definition at line 233 of file lts_builder.h.

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