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data_specification.h File Reference

The class data_specification. More...

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class  mcrl2::data::data_specification
 data specification. More...


namespace  mcrl2
 A class that takes a linear process specification and checks all tau-summands of that LPS for confluence.
namespace  mcrl2::data
 Namespace for all data library functionality.


data_expression mcrl2::data::normalize_sorts (const data_expression &x, const data::sort_specification &sortspec)
variable_list mcrl2::data::normalize_sorts (const variable_list &x, const data::sort_specification &sortspec)
data::data_equation mcrl2::data::normalize_sorts (const data::data_equation &x, const data::sort_specification &sortspec)
data_equation_list mcrl2::data::normalize_sorts (const data_equation_list &x, const data::sort_specification &sortspec)
void mcrl2::data::normalize_sorts (data_equation_vector &x, const data::sort_specification &sortspec)
std::string mcrl2::data::pp (const data::data_specification &x)
bool mcrl2::data::is_data_specification (const atermpp::aterm &x)
 Test for a data specification expression.
std::ostream & mcrl2::data::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const data_specification &x)
data_specification mcrl2::data::operator+ (data_specification spec1, const data_specification &spec2)
 Merges two data specifications into one.
function_symbol mcrl2::data::find_mapping (data_specification const &data, std::string const &s)
 Finds a mapping in a data specification.
function_symbol mcrl2::data::find_constructor (data_specification const &data, std::string const &s)
 Finds a constructor in a data specification.
sort_expression mcrl2::data::find_sort (data_specification const &data, std::string const &s)
 Finds a sort in a data specification.
data_equation_vector mcrl2::data::find_equations (data_specification const &specification, const data_expression &d)
 Gets all equations with a data expression as head on one of its sides.
variable_list mcrl2::data::order_variables_to_optimise_enumeration (const variable_list &l, const data_specification &data_spec)
 Order the variables in a variable list such that enumeration over these variables becomes more efficient.
std::set< core::identifier_stringmcrl2::data::function_and_mapping_identifiers (const data_specification &dataspec)
 Returns the names of functions and mappings that occur in a data specification.

Detailed Description

The class data_specification.

Definition in file data_specification.h.