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 helper class for time complexity checks during test runs
 helper macros for coroutines
 a vector class that cannot be moved while it is not empty
 The code in this file is used to construct an lts in fsm format.

 O(m log n)-time branching bisimulation algorithm.
 O(m log n)-time stuttering equivalence algorithm.
 Author(s): # Carlos Gregorio-Rodriguez, Luis LLana, Rafael Martinez-Torres.
 Header file for the simulation preorder algorithm.
 This file defines an algorithm for weak bisimulation, by calculating the transitive tau closure and apply strong bisimulation afterwards. In order to apply this algorithm it is advisable to first apply a branching bisimulation reduction.
 This file contains lts_convert routines that translate different lts formats into each other.
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 Header file for hash table data structure used by the simulation preorder algorithm.