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io.h File Reference

IO routines for linear process specifications. More...

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namespace  mcrl2
 A class that takes a linear process specification and checks all tau-summands of that LPS for confluence.
namespace  mcrl2::lps
 The main namespace for the LPS library.


atermpp::aterm_ostreammcrl2::lps::operator<< (atermpp::aterm_ostream &stream, const specification &spec)
 Writes LPS to the stream.
atermpp::aterm_ostreammcrl2::lps::operator<< (atermpp::aterm_ostream &stream, const stochastic_specification &spec)
atermpp::aterm_istreammcrl2::lps::operator>> (atermpp::aterm_istream &stream, specification &spec)
 Reads LPS from the stream.
atermpp::aterm_istreammcrl2::lps::operator>> (atermpp::aterm_istream &stream, stochastic_specification &spec)
template<typename Specification >
void mcrl2::lps::save_lps (const Specification &spec, std::ostream &stream, const std::string &target="")
 Save an LPS in the format specified.
template<typename Specification >
void mcrl2::lps::load_lps (Specification &spec, std::istream &stream, const std::string &source="")
 Load LPS from file.
template<typename Specification >
void mcrl2::lps::save_lps (const Specification &spec, const std::string &filename)
 Saves an LPS to a file.
template<typename Specification >
void mcrl2::lps::load_lps (Specification &spec, const std::string &filename)
 Load LPS from file.

Detailed Description

IO routines for linear process specifications.

Definition in file io.h.