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mcrl2::data::sort_expression_traverser< Derived > Struct Template Reference

\brief Traverser class More...

#include <traverser.h>

Inheritance diagram for mcrl2::data::sort_expression_traverser< Derived >:
mcrl2::data::add_traverser_sort_expressions< core::traverser, Derived >

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mcrl2::data::add_traverser_sort_expressions< core::traverser, Derived >
typedef core::traverser< Derived > super
- Public Member Functions inherited from mcrl2::data::add_traverser_sort_expressions< core::traverser, Derived >
void apply (const data::variable &x)
void apply (const data::function_symbol &x)
void apply (const data::application &x)
void apply (const data::where_clause &x)
void apply (const data::machine_number &x)
void apply (const data::untyped_identifier &x)
void apply (const data::assignment &x)
void apply (const data::untyped_identifier_assignment &x)
void apply (const data::basic_sort &x)
void apply (const data::container_sort &x)
void apply (const data::structured_sort &x)
void apply (const data::function_sort &x)
void apply (const data::untyped_sort &x)
void apply (const data::untyped_possible_sorts &x)
void apply (const data::untyped_sort_variable &x)
void apply (const data::forall &x)
void apply (const data::exists &x)
void apply (const data::lambda &x)
void apply (const data::set_comprehension &x)
void apply (const data::bag_comprehension &x)
void apply (const data::untyped_set_or_bag_comprehension &x)
void apply (const data::structured_sort_constructor_argument &x)
void apply (const data::structured_sort_constructor &x)
void apply (const data::alias &x)
void apply (const data::data_equation &x)
void apply (const data::untyped_data_parameter &x)
void apply (const data::data_expression &x)
void apply (const data::assignment_expression &x)
void apply (const data::sort_expression &x)
void apply (const data::abstraction &x)

Detailed Description

template<typename Derived>
struct mcrl2::data::sort_expression_traverser< Derived >

\brief Traverser class

Definition at line 357 of file traverser.h.

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