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mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand Struct Reference

#include <explorer.h>

Public Member Functions

template<typename ActionSummand >
 explorer_summand (const ActionSummand &summand, std::size_t summand_index, const data::variable_list &process_parameters, caching cache_strategy_)
template<typename T >
std::vector< data::variablefree_variables (const T &x, const data::variable_list &v)
void compute_key (atermpp::aterm &key, data::mutable_indexed_substitution<> &sigma) const

Public Attributes

data::variable_list variables
data::data_expression condition
lps::multi_action multi_action
stochastic_distribution distribution
std::vector< data::data_expressionnext_state
std::size_t index
caching cache_strategy
std::vector< data::variablegamma
atermpp::function_symbol f_gamma
summand_cache_map local_cache

Detailed Description

Definition at line 348 of file explorer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ explorer_summand()

template<typename ActionSummand >
mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::explorer_summand ( const ActionSummand &  summand,
std::size_t  summand_index,
const data::variable_list process_parameters,
caching  cache_strategy_ 

Definition at line 364 of file explorer.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compute_key()

void mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::compute_key ( atermpp::aterm key,
data::mutable_indexed_substitution<> &  sigma 
) const

Definition at line 397 of file explorer.h.

◆ free_variables()

template<typename T >
std::vector< data::variable > mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::free_variables ( const T &  x,
const data::variable_list v 

Definition at line 382 of file explorer.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cache_strategy

caching mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::cache_strategy

Definition at line 358 of file explorer.h.

◆ condition

data::data_expression mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::condition

Definition at line 351 of file explorer.h.

◆ distribution

stochastic_distribution mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::distribution

Definition at line 353 of file explorer.h.

◆ f_gamma

atermpp::function_symbol mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::f_gamma

Definition at line 360 of file explorer.h.

◆ gamma

std::vector<data::variable> mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::gamma

Definition at line 359 of file explorer.h.

◆ index

std::size_t mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::index

Definition at line 355 of file explorer.h.

◆ local_cache

summand_cache_map mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::local_cache

Definition at line 361 of file explorer.h.

◆ multi_action

lps::multi_action mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::multi_action

Definition at line 352 of file explorer.h.

◆ next_state

std::vector<data::data_expression> mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::next_state

Definition at line 354 of file explorer.h.

◆ variables

data::variable_list mcrl2::lps::explorer_summand::variables

Definition at line 350 of file explorer.h.

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