lps2pres   [OPTION]... --formula=FILE [INFILE [OUTFILE]]


Convert the state formula in FILE and the LPS in INFILE to a parameterised real equation system (PRES) and save it to OUTFILE. If OUTFILE is not present, stdout is used. If INFILE is not present, stdin is used.

Command line options

-fFILE , --formula=FILE

use the state formula from FILE


use output format FORMAT:


PRES in internal format


PRES in textual (mCRL2) format

-m , --preprocess-modal-operators

insert dummy fixpoints in modal operators, which may lead to smaller PRESs

-t , --timed

use the timed version of the algorithm, even for untimed LPS’s


append timing measurements to FILE. Measurements are written to standard error if no FILE is provided

-u , --unoptimized

do not simplify boolean expressions

Standard options

-q , --quiet

do not display warning messages

-v , --verbose

display short log messages

-d , --debug

display detailed log messages


display log messages up to and including level; either warn, verbose, debug or trace

-h , --help

display help information


display version information


display help information, including hidden and experimental options


Jan Friso Groote. Based on the tool lps2pbes